Oncosurgery is a specialised type of surgery to diagnose and treat cancer tumors. It’s often used for tumours that can’t be removed using conventional methods or where the risk of damaging other organs or tissues is greater than if traditional surgery were to be used. By combining modern technology and advances in medicine, oncosurgery allows physicians to offer targeted treatments that not only remove the cancerous tissue but also help to preserve healthy tissue, often leading to fewer complications and shorter recovery times.

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Types of oncosurgery

The two primary techniques for treating cancer are open surgery and minimally invasive surgery.

A big incision is made by the surgical oncologist during open surgery, often to remove a tumour in whole or in part, along with some of the surrounding healthy tissue (margins).

Using minimally invasive surgical methods, the following treatments are performed:

Laser Surgery

To remove a tumor, the surgeon will employ a focused, high-intensity laser beam.


The surgeon will use liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy cancer cells.


Our surgical oncologists will make many small incisions, introduce a laparoscope—a thin tube with a tiny camera connected to it—into one of the wounds to take an inside image, and then enter surgical instruments into the other incisions to remove cancerous tissue and surrounding tissue.

Robotic Surgery

This procedure is comparable to a laparoscopic procedure. However, our surgeons control the robotic equipment via a computer console as opposed to manually manipulating surgical instruments.

Therapies performed during cancer

Non-surgical therapies may be used before or after surgery to prevent cancer development, spread, or recurrence. These therapies include:


Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatment that uses drugs to either cure or slow down the growth of tumour cells in the body. It works by attacking and killing fast-growing cells, like those in the body’s immune system or bone marrow. Chemotherapy can be used to cure or slow the progression of some types of cancer, as well as help manage pain, reduce symptoms, and support a patient through their treatment journey.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to shrink tumours and kill cancer cells. It works by damaging the DNA inside the tumour cells, which makes them unable to divide and grow. Radiation therapies are typically used in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, or other treatments for a better outcome.


Immunotherapy is a type of medical treatment that encourages the body's immune system to attack cancer cells or infections. It works by targeting certain components of the immune system that can be damaged by cancer, leaving healthy cells intact.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a type of medical treatment that targets specific molecules associated with cancer to inhibit their growth and spread, which can be more effective than traditional chemotherapy. The goal of this type of therapy is to reduce damage to healthy cells while killing cancer cells.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is a way to treat hormone imbalance, which often affects women. It can help with symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, and others. Hormone therapy works by introducing hormones into the body in order to balance levels and restore normal functions.

At Geetai hospitals, we are proud of our experienced and dedicated surgeons and surgical oncology teams. With their years of experience, our team can offer a range of surgical options for the treatment of all types of cancer. We specialise in advanced and complex tumour surgeries that provide the best possible outcomes for our patients. From consultation to recovery, we strive to offer compassionate and individualised care to everyone who walks through our doors.